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“A Dreamy 50th Birthday Celebration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”

“A Dreamy 50th Birthday Celebration in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico”

Turning 50 is a milestone worth celebrating in style, and what better place to do it than the beautiful coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? My friends and I decided to make this milestone memorable by staying at the luxurious Villa Lucia, complete with a private chef who would craft culinary delights each day, and a private staff to attend to our needs.

Villa Lucia

Our group rented Villa Lucia through This was my first time booking a private villa for a vacation, and I absolutely loved it. The breathtaking Villa Lucia, perched on a hillside overlooking the Bay was the perfect location for our time in Puerto Vallarta. The villa was a private paradise with stunning views, an infinity pool and, of course, our very own chef (Daniel), who would create mouthwatering dishes throughout our stay. 

ATV Ride:

Thrills on Four Wheels To kick things off with a burst of adrenaline, we embarked on an ATV riding adventure through the rugged terrain of Puerto Vallarta. The off-road experience was a thrilling way to explore the scenic landscapes and enjoy the warm Mexican sun. 

Food Tour:

Exploring Puerto Vallarta’s culinary delights on a food tour with Mexi Travel is a must. We explored the vibrant flavors of Puerto Vallarta, trying various street tacos like Tacos De Cabeza and Tacos El Pastor. As we walked the streets of Puerto Vallarta immersing ourselves in the rich local cuisine and culture, we were filled with much joy and laughter. As I stood on the street corner eating freshly prepared Churros and smelling the aroma of authentic Mexican food, I thought to myself this is truly a foodie’s paradise.

Rhythms of the Night:

Rhythms of the Night is a popular excursion we enjoyed during our stay. This excursion begins with a boat ride filled with music, dancing and drinks. As we sailed into the night we eventually arrived at a private island. As we disembarked the boat we were greeted by various characters on stilts, live music, and the aroma of food from one of the largest buffet displays I’ve ever seen. The evening on the Rhythm Nights tour, we witnessed an extraordinary display of Mexican dance and music. It was truly a memorable night of entertainment and cultural immersion.

Salsa Dance Lessons 

To make our trip even more special, a dance instructor was hired for private salsa dance lessons at the Villa. This added a touch of romance and more fun to our trip. This was such a great time as the couples learned the sultry moves of salsa dancing. After our lesson was done, we were ready to show off our new moves.

The Grand Finale – My 50th BirthdayParty

The highlight of the trip was, of course, my 50th birthday. Our talented chef prepared a delectable steak and lobster dinner, which we enjoyed as we gazed out over the Bay watching sporadic fireworks displays. As the night progressed, the sounds of music filled the air, and my guests and I danced under the moonlight, creating unforgettable memories. 

Puerto Vallarta, with its perfect blend of adventure, culture, cuisine, and breathtaking views, made for an incredible 50th birthday celebration. Villa Lucia, our private chef, ATV riding, food tours, Rhythm of the Nights, and salsa dance lessons all combined to create an unforgettable experience in this Mexican paradise. It’s a birthday I will cherish forever.