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Food and Travel Blog!

Go See the World!

Go See the World!

Let nothing or no one stop you from seeing the world. Get your passport and go, go, go see the world. There are many reasons and excuses people give for not travelling outside of the United States, but it’s time to put away the excuses and step out of your comfort zone. There is a whole big world out there just waiting for you to come and experience different people, cultures, and foods.

My travels first started when I joined the military. I lived in Europe for 9 years, and as a result of travelling the world my life has been enriched by my experiences. As the saying goes, you only live once so why not travel.

Not Enough Money

Not enough money you say? Rubbish! There are many economical ways you can travel now, especially with the introduction of Airbnb, and people becoming more comfortable with using hostels. Travel solo or in a group will not break the bank. Do your research on the travel discount sites, or visit a travel agent. By planning in advance in saving a few dollars each month to travel once a year, you can travel to places you’ve read about and seen in the movies.

It’s Too Dangerous

Danger is everywhere including right here in the grand ole U.S. of A. If you take the necessary precautions, do your research of the areas you are travelling in advance, you will find that the majority of places you desire to travel are just as safe as moving around right here in America.

Whenever you travel out o the country you can register with the Department of State by going to their website. This website also list travel advisory alerts for all countries. If the alert is high in a particular area, then I recommend not traveling to that area, but remember there are soooo many other places to visit. I’ve travelled to every continent except two (Antarctica and Australia), and have felt safe; however, I always remained alert and aware of my surroundings.

So, get rid of the fear, and Go! Go! Go!

Precious Memories

When you travel it allows you to photograph and record precious memories with family, friends, and loved ones that will last forever. Some of my best memories with me and my husband are on our travel adventures when it’s just me and him spending quality time with one another.

I encourage you and invite you to make a list of 5 places you want to visit within the next 5 years. Start watching vlogs or reading blogs about these places, and put a plan in place to ensure you get to travel to these places. Don’t forget to check back to this blog periodically, because more than likely within the next 5 years we will have visited the places that are on your list.